October 26, 2017

Recognizing Depression in Elders

Depression in elderly people is a widespread and serious public health concern,” according to the National Institute of Mental Health. It has been estimated that 15% of older Americans experience depression at some point in their […]
October 23, 2017

Alzheimer’s: Dealing with Difficult Behavior

As if it weren’t enough to deal with forgetfulness and confusion while caring for your loved-one with Alzheimer’s, but aggressiveness, wandering and paranoia can really put you over the edge. Managing your loved-one’s difficult behavior is […]
October 19, 2017

Confessions of a Sometimes Caregiver

My mother, an 86-year-old widow, lives alone in a small town in the farming country of central Kansas. Born and raised in the town, she returned there with my father after his retirement, leaving the big […]
September 29, 2017

Love in the Time of Caregiving

Can someone with Alzheimer’s sense that you love them, even when they have no idea who you are? “It can’t hurt to try. Supposing we’re all just romantic, sentimental fools and the person with advanced Alzheimer’s […]
September 3, 2017

Warning Signs Of Stress For Alzheimer’s Caregivers

Do you go to bed every night exhausted, and wake up with a sense of dread? Do you feel like your patience, strength and finances are stretched to the breaking point? It’s not uncommon for caregivers […]
September 2, 2017

Avoid Burnout, Find Respite Care

Millions of caregivers throughout our country are putting in long hours, putting up with very difficult circumstances, including difficult aging loved ones, and have little or no relief. If you don’t have much money to spare, […]
August 30, 2017

9 Treatable Conditions that Mimic Alzheimer’s Disease

Not all forms of dementia are caused by Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, there are plenty of conditions that mimic Alzheimer’s—well enough to stump doctors, in some cases. While it’s never good news when symptoms include memory […]
April 1, 2015

How The Effects Of Music Can Benefit Both The Caregiver & The Care-Receiver

Join Dave Nassaney, The Caregiver's Caregiver, Wednesday, 4/1/15 at noon, PST, (AND AFTERWARDS ON RECORDED PODCAST) as he interviews Janie Lidey, who has been a singer/songwriter since the age of twelve, and a caregiver to her father who is suffering from ALS. The link is: Janie has been recognized for her excellence in music through winning an Emmy for her songwriting; a Grammy for the fine arts program she helped direct at East High School in Anchorage, Alaska; the Mayor’s Arts Award which recognizes excellence in music education; and, a spot on the George Lucas Edutopia website for her role in helping make the world a better place. As a music teacher in the public schools of Alaska for over two, Janie Lidey taught students from over forty different cultures. Not only did she teach them to sing and play the guitar, she taught them to live their lives with passion, kindness, love, hope and gratitude. The most important lesson was to instill the belief in her students that they could do anything they dreamed or imagined. As an artist, teacher, motivational speaker and now author, Janie is passionate about raising your vibration through the magic of a song. She released her first book and companion CD in 2013 called, The Magic of A Song and is excited to connect with people from all ages and walks and shine some love & light on their journey. Hear her live, or listen to the recorded podcast AFTER THE LIVE SHOW, anytime, 24/7. Share this link with anyone you know who would benefit from this discussion.
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