Best-Selling Author, Dave Nassaney, is a Caregiving Expert
Who Speaks About How to Deal with Burnout, Survive the Grief Process,
and Remain Positive Even When You Just Want to Quit

Dave is a passionate speaker, author of three books and radio show host. But his most important role is being a caregiver to his lovely wife, Charlene, since 1996 when she suffered a massive stroke that left her severely speech impaired and paralyzed on her right side.

Through his experience, Dave has learned the hard way how to avoid burnout and survive the grief process. Wanting to help other caregivers triumph over all their pain and suffering, he now hosts a weekly radio show, and a private membership site for caregivers. He provides them with a wide range of resources.

Dave & Charlene were on the Times Square Jumbotron in NYC. Dave has spoken at Harvard with Suzanne Somers, Nasdaq, the prestigious Harvard Club in New York City, and has also appeared on 24 TV network morning shows, as well as many caregiver events, support groups, hospitals, churches, and places people are gathered to learn more about caregiving. Caregivers are always encouraged by his message of putting their needs first, so they can better meet the needs of their loved-ones.

Dave speaking at the prestigious Harvard Club in NYC

Dave shares with revealing honesty about his struggles, and innovative ways to not only survive but to thrive as a long-term caregiver. Expect reality-based solutions, humor and a zeal for life when Dave stands before your audience. Unlike many caregivers who surrender their own lives when confronted with the long term care of a loved one, David declares that everyone in the situation, most certainly the caregivers, deserve and must defend the right to live life to the fullest.


 Dave’s most-requested topics:

  • How to prevent your love one’s illness or disease from actually killing you
  • A Love Story
  • Overcoming Loss and Grief
  • How to Avoid Long-term Caregiver Burnout
  • The Importance of Boundaries and  Balance
  • The five most deadly mistakes that caregivers make
  • Why 30% of Caregivers die before their loved one’s do, and why the rest of them often get sicker than the ones they care for, eventually needing a caregiver themselves.

Best-Selling Author, Dave Nassaney, speaking at the Harvard Business School’s
Entrepreneurship Club in Cambridge, MA. on 07/30/17.

Dave Nassaney speaking at the Nasdaq Market site board room in NYC on 4/30/18

A short clip of Best-Selling Author, Dave Nassaney, speaking at the popular “Rock Star Marketing Boot Camp” with over 500 in attendance sharing the stage with actor, Glenn Morshower (Aaron Pierce on “24”, “Supergirl” & “The Resident”), Retired 2 Star Rear Admiral, Paul Becker, Larry Broughton, President of Broughton Hotels & Star of Travel Channel’s popular “Hotel Impossible”and actor, Sandra Yancey (“The Doctors”,CEO & founder of E-Women Network, and a “CNN American Hero”) on  03/24/18.

Friends I met along the way:



Suzanne Somers & Dave Nassaney at Harvard

Dean Cain interviews Dave Nassaney

Larry Broughton, Hotel Impossible

Sandra Yancy E-Women’s Network


Retired Admiral, Paul Becker

Nine-time Emmy Award Recipient, Andrae Crouch, The “Godfather of Contemporary Christian Gospel”

Clint Arthur, 100 TV appearances

4th Episode Survivor Contestant Brendan Shapiro


HBO’s Steve-O & Dave Nassaney

Markette Sheppard and Kristen Harris from “Great Day Washington” CBS-WUSA9 Wa. DC


















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