This Week's Radio Show / Podcast

This Week's Radio Show / Podcast

Caregiver Burnout Information

  • I’m Fine, Thanks
    That is the life of a caregiver. You are always fine because the focus is always on the person that you care for. You are “just fine” because if you think of allowing yourself to be […]
  • Antibiotic Therapy in Elderly Patients with Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Bronchitis
    Antibiotic Treatment in Elderly Patients with AECB Elderly patients have alterations in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics as a result of drug interactions, and decreases in renal and metabolic clearances of drugs are seen with many drugs used […]
  • Caregiving: Two Relationships in One
    To be entrusted with the care of another human being is one of the greatest honors that can be bestowed on you. It takes on meaning that is beyond approach. New parents have nine months to […]

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Caregiving Blog Articles

March 20, 2018

Tips for Keeping Seniors Busy and Active

BY CAROL BRADLEY BURSACK As caregivers, we strive to meet all our loved ones’ needs. We give medication reminders, cook meals, manage doctor’s appointments and keep schedules. Our daily tasks can all be challenging, but one, in […]
March 19, 2018


“Mom, can you hear me?” This is usually how the conversation goes when it is clear my mother has either not caught what I said on the phone, or is otherwise distracted by something more interesting […]
March 16, 2018

Tips for Organizing a Medical History

A trip to the emergency room made me realize why caregivers are advised to organize health information. Like many caregivers, I share the task of going with my loved one to appointments. My sister usually takes […]
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