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PR106: Make a Name for Yourself in Radio

Host Your Own Radio Show for Maximum Sales


Introduction: Many authors overlook the powerful impact Internet radio can have in book promotion and expanding sources of income based on your expertise and books. With a combined focus of online radio and social media, especially Facebook, I have amassed a following of well over 30,000. This course will give you the practical tools you need to develop an Internet radio show from conception to broadcast, for expanded impact and income. Here’s what the course will cover:

Class 1: It’s Easier Than You Think. We will begin by addressing the preconceptions that hold you back from launching a successful radio program, and help you build the confidence needed to contact top-level people to be interviewed.

Class 2: Clarify Your Message. We will explore what is needed for an opening and closing scripts, commercial intros and what type of ads are appropriate for your show, clarifying the parameters of your message and focusing on your brand and logo.

Class 3: Platform and Studio. In the third class, we’ll answer the question, Why Internet radio? and dig into the practical elements of production. We’ll review the available platforms, the equipment and applications you will need. I’ll also explain what you need to create your studio, and show you the one I have successfully built in my own garage.

Class 4: Launching Your Show. The last class will focus on where to find and how to approach top-experts, writing dynamic interview questions and how to promote the show. I will present how I have used Facebook to build a following of over 30,000 and other effective ways to cross-promote and expand your influence.

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