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Don't Just Survive


After being married to my beautiful soul-mate, Charlene, for 22 years, She suffered a massive stroke that left her severely speech impaired, and paralyzed on one side!

You've probably felt like giving up like I ALMOST did. I was in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT in CAREGIVER PRISON, until I joined a support community.

30% of Caregivers DIE Before Their Loved Ones - The Rest Get Sicker, Needing a Caregiver of Their Own - Don't Become a Statistic

After discovering  that there was so much "FREE" advice on the internet for caregivers, I realized that our subconscious puts no real value on ANYTHING that costs us NOTHING! That's why I built an affordable Membership Website for caregivers with all the tools and resources that you need to THRIVE -- not just survive!

It's true! For example: If you are too tired to make your early morning doctor's appointment, I guarantee that you WILL make it -- right after you remember that they will charge you, whether you show up or not!

Just look at all the value you get from membership...

60 Minute Coaching Call on Dave's Radio Show ($300)

Weekly Group Coaching Calls ($100)

My Best-Seller, “It’s My Life Too, Reclaim Your Caregiver Sanity” ($20)


Credit Card-Sized USB - 25 of my Most Popular Radio Shows ($30)

  Seven “THRIVE PACKS” ($135)

Our PRIVATE Facebook Group ($100)

Unlimited Access to Dave's Videos & Podcasts ($100)

Caregiver Resource Page - Save Money & Time ($100)

Blogs & Articles ($100)

22-Years of Caregiving Wisdom (Priceless)

There is such a thing as a thriving caregiver. 

With a little perspective, planning, and practical help, you, too, can become a thriving caregiver!





TOTAL VALUE is $1000.00

(But we only ask for a SMALL, ONE-TIME Membership Fee to maintain this life-saving site).

How much is your health worth? AARP says 30% of caregivers DIE before their loved ones do.

How about your health -- what is that worth? Statistics also say that many more caregivers will get sicker than those they care for -- eventually needing a caregiver of their own!

The service we provide caregivers is really priceless, no amount of money can buy your health, or your life! 

Please do those people (who want you around for a very long time) a very a BIG favor, and purchase this membership for yourself, or for a caregiver that you know and love.

Caregivers are worth it, and you really are giving the gift of life!

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