One Arm One Leg 100 Words

One Arm, One Leg, 100 Words
Overcoming Unbelievable Hardships

One Arm One Leg 100 WordsWhat if you woke up one morning and discovered that you forgot how to speak – that you just couldn’t remember how to formulate the words in your mouth? You couldn’t remember how to position your tongue and your lips so that you could speak the very sentences that are on your mind — they just won’t come out of your mouth. Now in addition to that, what if you also could not remember how to spell those very words — which you can’t even write them down because you forgot how to form a simple sentence on paper? This is the devastating consequences of ignoring stroke symptoms and signs of stroke.

Buy on Amazon!This has to be one of the most frustrating experiences for a stroke survivor or a caregiver to experience in stroke recovery. To be robbed of the very thing that separates us from the rest of the animal world – to communicate with a learned language using the very words that we all take for granted. These symptoms of stroke are called apraxia and aphasia, and it usually is associated with the signs of a stroke or a mini stroke.

In this book, you will meet Charlene Nassaney, a stroke survivor since 1996, and her husband David of almost 40 years. In addition to hearing their amazing story, you will also learn what is a stroke, the signs of stroke, and how to help prevent a stroke from ever happening to you or your loved ones. If a stroke does occur, you will learn what you can do to survive it without making the most common and costly mistakes that may save a life or a brain from irreparable damage (as well as a caregiver from years of an unnecessary and overwhelming burden).

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Book Reviews

“If you think you have it bad, read this book! This is a beautiful, genuine story told from the heart. It’s inspiring and easy to read. When you finish this book, you will be able to look at your concerns in a new light

—LYNN BARRINGTON, Best Selling Author,Daddies and Daughters (Simon & Schuster)

“David & Charlene’s story is a journey of overcoming and persevering! This book will give anyone hope for the future, regardless of the challenges life may have thrown your way.”

—MARCUS SLATON, Published Author, Motivational Speaker and Coach

“This is an awesome, amazing book that you won’t be able to put down! Buy this book, it is an easy read, and you will be blessed beyond belief!.”

–WOLFGANG HILDEBRANDT, Performing Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Human Rights Activist, International Spokesperson

“This book will be an encouragement to anyone who reads it. She’s not just a survivor, she is more than a conqueror, as the Bible states. Read this book, you will be encouraged regardless of what you’re going through.”

–ANDRAE’ CROUCH, Pastor, Musician, 9 x Grammy Award Song Writer

“I couldn’t stop reading! I read it from the beginning to the end in one setting. It’s an awesome, beautiful book with a great message from both of you. She has an attitude of never giving up”.

–PAMELA JANSEN, Author, “How I Became A Fearless Woman,” Actress, Motivational Speaker, Santa Clarita, Ca.

Charlene is a total package. She is a gourmet cook, interior decorator, paints and make china dolls and can do any kind of crafts. I’m going through ovarian cancer and I was told I would have to have chemo treatments to go into remission. After reading David and Charlene’s book, I realize I don’t really have it so bad”.

–JAN DeFELISIS, Cancer survivor, Ventura, Ca.

“This book is the story of a young woman who in the prime of her life suffers a severe stroke that leaves her seriously debilitated. Her husband, Dave, is a very unusual husband. Other men would have deserted a woman with so many disabilities. Read this book; you will see how blessed you are!

–FRITZIE NAGEL, Author, Santa Clarita, Ca.

“The harsh realization that there is no security in life except people keeping their promises. They are real people, and they have discovered how a heart can be broken and healed at the same time. I hope your book will be a blessing to many.”

–MARIANNE VONKEMAN, Pastor, Harlem, Holland

“I believe you will discover this fast reading book will inspire you to overcome life’s obstacles and turn yourself into a champion in your journey of life. I gave this book a five star rating and believe you will too. Buy the book and share it with your family and friends or anybody that is going through tough times.”

–KIMO JARRETT, Broker, Huntington Beach, Ca.

What an amazing story of 2 people making simple yet profound choices to overcome unbelievable obstacles!!! The authors tell their own incredible story in a simple, yet profound way that can apply to every reader. It was a book that I read from start to finish in one readingI could not put it down!!”

–PAT ABBOT, Real Estate Investor, Santa Clarita, Ca.

“The book is absolute and incredible description of modern day heroes. The path and direction of the hearts of Charlene and Dave take on a perspective most cannot even come close to touch in today’s world and its challenges. I recommend this book, to anyone who needs a boost or encouragement

–JOYCE LEST, Radio Show Host, Tujunga, Ca.

“This is a well written and inspirational book about perseverance through adversity and joy through pain. They tell their story brilliantly and honestly, the journey through massive life changes with faith and love to guide. A definite must read for all people!”

–RUTH DYNNA SPENCE, Author, Net-worker Specialist, Vacouver, Brittish Columbia

“It only took me 3 hours to read the whole book! This book shows the reader that God has a purpose for everyone to live, no matter how handicapped they are. Also that God gives the gift of patience and grace making it possible to live one day at a time, no matter what the circumstances in life may be.”

–KIRSTEN FROST, Lægesekretær at Bispebjerg Hospital, Denmark

“I sat down and read your book this morning and I enjoyed it very much. I so appreciate your willingness to be real about your struggles. You both have been through so much which gives you the compassion and wisdom to come alongside of others who are suffering a loss.”

–BRUCE CRAWFORD, Contractor, Ridgefield, Wa.

Amazing! I started this morning and in 2 sessions finished it. Beautiful writing but I’m not surprised. It’s about a beautiful Lady.”

–GEORGE ZALOOM JR.., Entrepreneur, Staten Island, NY.

“I am so impressed, this book is amazing! It reads so easily, so I read it twice!. Great job David!”

–MARIE TUBBS, NBC Network Executive, Los Angeles, Ca.

“Dave and Charlene, I started reading your book! It is amazing! What a great couple despite all their hardships! I have to commend you both! God Bless You Both!”

–SANDY SATEL, Business Owner, Sun Valley, Ca.

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