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Getting Hosed: Secrets, Confessions, and Tales from a Gas Station OwnerGetting Hosed? Secrets, Confessions, and Tales from a Gas Station Owner

Synopsis: I have owned and worked for family owned gas stations for over 45 years, and there has never been a shortage of questions that people would ask me concerning the oil companies. Perhaps you have some gas station questions of your own that may get answered in this book. Questions like: “What is it really like dealing with those big oil companies? Do you get to set the gas prices or do the oil companies dictate the prices? Why does the price of gas go up so quickly and so often?”

Big oil companies are probably the most distrusted and hated of entities out there. Along with attorneys, banks and insurance companies, they lack the public’s trust and respect. Most oil companies have more assets and gross profit than most third world countries. I will try to answer all of the questions mentioned above. I will also share some funny, entertaining, sad, shocking and interesting details about my particular gas station experiences during the last forty-five years. I don’t think that anyone really knows the truth about oil company practices, but hopefully you will, at the least, gain a better perspective from someone who was just a little bit closer to it all than most people were. Along with you, I too was getting hosed by the oil companies.

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Getting Hosed: Secrets, Confessions, and Tales from a Gas Station Owner“When I started reading this book, I was immediately taken back to when I opened my first gas station in 1974. Dave discusses a very accurate account of a gas station dealer, especially the oil companies attempts at fixing prices, rest room problems and nearly every other aspect of being a dealer”.–TIM HAMILTON, Petroleum Industry Consultant/Exec. Dir. A.T.O. Oregon

“The oil companies will usually do what is in their best interest, unless they are forced to consider the dealer s best interest, (and that s when I usually get involved.) This is a very entertaining and educational book that is a quick and enjoyable read.” –THOMAS P. BLEAU, Attorney & Partner at Bleau Fox, a Prof. Law Corp. LA, Ca.

“Getting Hosed” is a real eye-opener! David Nassaney gives us a “behind the curtains” view into what goes on in the American gas station. I’ve always taken for granted the availability of gas at reasonable prices. I’ll never get gas again without thinking of this book and the stories David tells.” ELIJAH HANKINS, Digital Imaging, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

“Where can I steer this flaming runaway tractor-trailer? I know…that gas station over there looks safe.” Getting Hosed is a fantastic light read comprised of funny, exciting, and heart felt stories associated with owning and operating a gas station.” JARED N. Student, Burbank, Ca.

“I read your book. It gave me a lot of interesting information. It opened my eyes to oil companies and the things that they do. I found it enlightening. I plan on reading it again. Looking forward to your next book. I also red your first book, One arm, One Leg, 100 words.” NADA MAIR, Gas Station Owner, Orange Co., Ca.

“A very informative view of the ownership and management of gas stations. The humor in the every day events almost makes the headaches go away. Fun reading; good writing!” CATHY BANGERT, Blogger, Miami, Fl.

“I enjoyed reading this book. It provided a good perspective on the gas station business and contained some great stories from the “good old days“. Many people vilify the oil companies these days, and maybe with some justification, but this book makes it clear that the station owner/operators don’t deserve that profiteering reputation. Long live the small businessman!” C. BUFF,

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Getting Hosed BooksAbout the Author

David Nassaney is an author of three books, has been the owner of 6 gas stations in California since 1976. Before that, he had worked at or managed several gas stations for many different family members since 1966. Prior to that, his father had owned, and managed gas stations and garages since 1945 in New York City and California.

gas shortageThey’ve seen a lot of changes in the gas station business over the years. This book reveals an interesting combination of oil company secrets, dealer confessions of how and why prices are the way they are, and some funny, sad and unbelievable gas station tales. This should help you gain a better perspective from someone who was just a little bit closer to it all than most people were. Along with you, I too was getting hosed by the oil companies.

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