Caregiving is NOT Fun! True or False?

Caregivers Having FunJoin Dave Nassaney, The Caregiver’s Caregiver and co-host Adrienne Gruberg, The Caregiver Space, as they interview caregiver, Michele Castellano, discussing how whether the worst situations in caregiving can ever reach a place of fun or joy. Is that even possible? We promise NO GUILT, & NO COOKIE-CUTTER SOLUTIONS, Only an honest and indepth discussion of what is possible, if you are interested in changing anything about your situation. I know that is a very TALL order, but tune in and listen to these empathetic and sensitive caregivers who’s heart is in the right place to discuss this very difficult topic. Click link ANYTIME AFTER 2pm PST, (5pm EST) to listen to the latest show. Thank You!!


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