...I felt like I was going to die!

My beautiful soul-mate, Charlene, became severely speech-impaired and paralyzed on one side.

I needed HELP.....and I needed it NOW !

I finally found the help I needed to STAY ALIVE! ...but it wasn't easy, and it wasn't soon enough. Now I want to help you to STAY ALIVE with 3 free gifts.....If you will let me.

There is such a thing as a thriving caregiver. 

These 3 gifts will help you get back your perspective, your peace of mind, and help you to become a thriving caregiver. I promise!

Don't Just Survive


I became a caregiver in 1996 when my beautiful wife Charlene had a 3-day headache that just wouldn't go away.

Before she could get to the doctor, it ceased being only a headache. By the time the ambulance arrived, it was too late...

...The woman I loved suffered a massive stroke that left her severely speech-impaired & paralyzed on the right side... nothing would ever be the same again!


Our 24/7 online support groups are a safe place for you to vent and get support from other caregivers who understand.


Join us for our weekly Q&A calls where you get your questions answered live in real time. Join the conversation and get advice from experts and other caregivers.


Get practical help with everyday life matters. From enlisting the help of family to obtaining affordable backup care, and creating simple schedules, our resources will help you live your best life!

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